Welcome to the Texas Ecotherapy Collective!

We are a community of healing professionals, clinicians, educators, interns, students, and those who believe in the intrinsic value of the earth’s wisdom and that nature heals. We are working together to share our experience of intentional nature-based connection and knowledge about Ecotherapy with each other and the community at large. Our vision is to provide opportunities where we all actively remember the symbiotic and reciprocal relationship with our planet.

Currently we are holding quarterly meetings in the Austin area. Our meetings are open to the public, but are designed to increase knowledge and understanding of our connection to nature and how, as clinicians, we can bring the benefits of the outdoors to our clients. Meetings generally take place outside and have a guest speaker present during all or part of our meeting. Topics that are explored could be related to other experiential therapies, such as equine-assisted therapy, or related to the environment or ecology.

For more information about our meetings or Ecotherapy in general, please see our Calendar and Events page or check out the Resources page (coming soon!).  If you are a mental health professional, intern, or student interested in Ecotherapy or involved in the practice and would like to be more involved with the group, please join our Facebook group, Texas Ecotherapist Collective.